My Thoughts On The Canucks 2011 Stanley Cup Final

I admit, I'm not a hardcore sports fan. I was at one time though. As a kid I worshipped the Seattle Seahawks, the Seattle Supersonics and the Vancouver Canucks. But soon I realized that no amount of cheering could ever help my teams to win a championship. Being a fan was utterly frustrating.

2010 Resolution Recap and Resolutions for 2011

I won't go into detail, but 2010 was a tough year for me and my close friends and family. Due to certain trials and tribulations, I had a difficult time reaching all the goals I set out to achieve at the beginning of the year. But we're surviving and making progress. Here's the 2010 list, full of fail:

1. WIN!: Learn to say 'No'

I turned down quite a lot of work this year.

Why We Hoard

I'm currently full on into Operation Eliminate. Just now cleaning my garage, looking through old boxes and stashes. Only moments ago I saw an old fork on the ground. Just an ordinary old fork, nothing special. I picked it up and just as I was about to throw it in the trash I took note of it's design and realized it belonged to my mother, part of her old dinnerware set. And my mind was instantly flooded with childhood memories of countless family meals. Good memories and bad memories alike.

Operation Eliminate! One Year to Location Independence!

After years of thinking about it, we're finally going to do it. 'It' being spend a year or two traveling the world in search of epic adventure. This is a big deal for us. Sure, when you're young and single, traveling is easy. And I did my fair share of traveling in my days sans wife and kids. But now with a family in tow, it's going to be a challenge. But we welcome this challenge knowing it could mean memories to last a lifetime. So stoked.

Average Time To Pay - Really Cool New Freshbooks Feature

My last blog post was called, "When Clients Don't Pay". I ended that post on a positive note stating that the faster a client pays my invoices the more keen I am to quickly complete their work. I have no shortage of work at the moment, so I've setup an informal client ranking system. Wether that's right or wrong, I don't know. I can't help but give first rate clients, first rate service.

When Clients Don't Pay

I have a sudden urge to rant, so bear with me.

For the most parts, I've been very fortunate to have great clients. I often hear about 'clients from hell', but I haven't had any. Most of my clients have been very pleasant to work with, and only one has ever disappeared without paying. All but one paid my invoices... eventually.

Some clients however, don't see an urgency to pay, sometimes making me wait months, all the while telling me "the cheque's in the mail".

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